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For a number of years I was the principal caregiver for my mother. She suffered from a severe form of Rheumatoid Arthritis, a condition that ultimately forced her into a wheelchair. My motherís joint pain was chronic and limited her range of motion.

She had to keep a pillow between her knees while sleeping to keep the joints from resting on each other. When she changed positions, the pillow would slip away and she was unable to retrieve it by herself. She would use a buzzer to call for my assistance. Getting a decent nightís sleep was a challenge for both of us.

I mentioned the problem to Lesley Gordon who suggested I try one of her E∑Z Sleep Pillows. The pillow secures comfortably to one leg: one strap above the knee, one below. When you roll over at night the pillow stays with you.

This single inexpensive application allowed my mother to roll over at night without my assistance which led to both of us getting considerably more quality sleep.

I can speak for the productís effectiveness with considerable authority. It was a simple, efficient and effective solution.

I am happy to endorse this product without reservation.

Jeff Morris
North Vancouver, BC


I am a registered massage therapist and have been in practice for twelve years, so I know the importance of pillow support when sleeping for the relief and prevention of lower back pain.

I have recommended over the years to clients to place a pillow between the knees for this problem. They always come back with the same excuse that the pillow slips out while sleeping.

The E·Z Sleep Pillow has solved all this by using an adjustable velcro strap that keeps the pillow in place no matter how much you toss and turn.

I highly recommend these pillows if you have lower back pain, and as a preventative measure for lower back pain and a comfortable and restful sleep.

John Dowler
Registered Massage Therapist
North Vancouver, BC


I used to suffer from back pain while sleeping but since using your product, I now get through the night in comfort and wake up feeling a lot more refreshed. It's made a difference for me and I wanted to thank you for coming up with such a simple, easy to use remedy. And no side effects!

Mark Hood
North Vancouver, BC


Several years ago my chiropractor suggested I put a pillow between my knees to improve my posture while sleeping. That really did work, but the pillow was quite cumbersome and usually ended up around my feet. The E·Z Sleep Pillow straps onto your leg and doesn't fall off even when getting up in the middle of the night. It’s very convenient and I keep it in my bedside drawer along with my reading glasses and a book. It’s easy to store, easy to use and really works.

W. Kitt
North Vancouver, BC
Electrician, 65, still working


I bought an E·Z Sleep Pillow about seven years ago to help with a long term lower back issue. It definitely helps me and I continue to use it. I have also found that it helps with other aches and pains. I’ve used it on my elbow to protect it when sore, and also have attached it to a sore foot to keep the sheets off of it. It has been a great aid to me and I have bought others as gifts for family.

Nancy Sleeman
North Vancouver, BC


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EZ Sleep Pillow - For back and joint pain sufferers, discomfort from hip surgery, knee surgery or pregnancy.

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EZ Sleep Pillow - For back and joint pain sufferers, discomfort from hip surgery, knee surgery or pregnancy.